Q: Why should Dad participate in Kangaroo Care?

A: Because Fathers are important, too!

An engaged father is a priceless personal trait. When a father places a child on his chest for the first time, he is experiencing the closeness only the mother has been closer to and experienced. I believe children bond to the parent, and I know from experience, when I placed Eva on my chest for the first time, magic happened. I was hooked. The rest of my life had purpose and it was cemented when I felt the heartbeat of the life I had helped create.

DadWare Shark Tank
DadWare Shark Tank


We recommend that nurses and midwives...encourage new fathers to take an active role in caring for their newborn in order to enhance father-neonate interactions and establish parental confidence.

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About us


Introducing the Momware nursearoo

We're pleased to finally release our first stylish and comfortable offering for Women!

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Why the Bondaroo?

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  • My husband was reluctant at first. Then he put it on... the nurses were amazed and had never seen such a thing. He LOVED the bonding he was able to have with our son without the awkward “shirt off” experience. Worth it!!

    – Liz

    This shirt totally enhances skin to skin contact with my new born child. Keeps my baby warm, too.

    – Andres
  • This shirt was excellent for when our babies were in the NICU, my husband was able to keep them close even with the monitor cords due to the large opening, but still keep himself covered. The shirt was good quality and the velcro was very soft.

    – Nicole

    I love this shirt. It’s so comfortable. Feels like an extra soft T-shirt. And I get to have skin to skin time with my son without trying to fit into hospital robes that are too small and awkward. I love that my son can snuggle up next to me in my DadWare shirt and that it keeps him close to me and both of us comfortable. I love it. The fit is great.

    – Justin C
  • Fits just as expected for shirt size. I’ve found that tucking in my shirt before hand gives the extra support needed to help smaller babies. Gives a better experience for everyone than a hospital gown.

    – Ashley K.

    My husband and our baby girls loved this product. We had twins born at 35 weeks, so they had to spend a week in the NICU. We went in every day to have kangaroo/skin-to-skin time with the girls, and this made it so easy for my husband! Plus, he said that it was comfortable and is a shirt he could wear anywhere. Our one complaint? The velcro would sometime stick to the blankets wrapped around the girls. Perhaps a zipper instead would solve that? Otherwise, a wonderful idea. The NICU nurses loved it too.

    – Jen A.

From our personal experience to you

Our daughter, Eva, was born in May of 2015. She changed our lives forever, in every way. Being a dad has made me the best man I could be. Eva also gave me an idea...for an invention.

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About us


The idea for this product, the DadWare, was born from a personal experience as a devoted father.


Our customers speak for themself about the quality and usefulness of this product.


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