Awesome, Realistic Ideas for Making Money as a Stay-At-Home Parent

Awesome, Realistic Ideas for Making Money as a Stay-At-Home Parent
You want to continue being a stay-at-home parent. You love the time you get with your kids, and being away all day at the office just isn’t for you. But you’re realizing that one income is stretching your family a little too thin, or maybe you would simply like to have some fun while earning extra cash. Whatever the case, there are some great opportunities to make money from home in this day and age. From starting an e-commerce store to becoming a freelancer, here are a few ideas courtesy of DadWare to get you started.


Running an e-commerce store is a convenient way to make money from home. If you have a passion for a particular type/brand of product, if you like to craft things, and/or you are simply good at selling stuff, starting an e-commerce store could be right up your alley.

It’s also quite simple to get a store going too. A lot of people use established platforms like Amazon, eBay, or Etsy to sell products. That is probably ideal for starting, though you could also make money using these platforms long term as well. If your business grows enough, however, you might consider creating your own website.

If you choose to open an e-commerce store, be sure to form a business structure early in the process. LLCs work great for many home-based business owners because they provide personal asset protection, various tax benefits, and they’re easier to set up than a corporation. Learn the rules for LLC formalization before you begin the process, and hire a formation service, such as ZenBusiness, to do the work for you.


It may take a while to build a following and get to where you can make money, but blogging is one of the best stay-at-home jobs you can have. It’s certainly one of the most flexible jobs. As long as you have a unique voice and great grammar skills, you can write about anything.

Most successful bloggers choose a niche and expand from there. So, try picking one topic or industry that you are either knowledgeable about or interested in enough to learn about, and put out blogs at least once a week. There’s nothing wrong with using a free website template at first, but as you start to make money, you might consider developing a professional website.


Freelance work abounds these days. More and more people are choosing to work from home as independent contractors because it allows you to choose your work hours, workload, and the clients you work for, among other things. It’s a great way to make money while maintaining a work-life balance.

Another advantage to becoming a freelancer is that there are so many different things you can do. Almost every industry is looking for freelancers. So if you have expertise or interest in a particular field, chances are you can do it freelance.

Here are some of the most common jobs for freelancing that can offer great flexibility:

Content writing
Web development
Graphic design
Sales and marketing
Virtual assistance
Legal services

There are plenty of other fields in which freelancers around the world are thriving. Think about an industry you would like to pursue, and search online job boards to see job availability.

Remember to Seek Balance

Running your household and a business as a stay-at-home parent requires a certain amount of balance. If you don’t make time for yourself, that balance can tilt in a way that’s detrimental to your health and venture. To ensure your mental and physical health stay on track, make sure to incorporate plenty of exercise in your weekly routine. Opt for healthy meals, or look into a nutrition plan that does the work for you. And be sure to carve out time for rest and relaxation. Make time for skin-to-skin bonding time if you have a newborn, and while getting 8 hours of sleep each night might not be feasible, look for opportunities to get the quality sleep you need whenever possible by implementing a simple bedtime routine and sticking to it.

You can set yourself up for success by making appointments for workouts, and tackling meal prep on the weekends. Having your gym clothes and super supportive sports bra at the ready means you can jump into your clothes first thing in the morning, and knock out your fitness routine for the day.

If you’re a stay-at-home parent, you have options when it comes to working from home. Starting an e-commerce store, blogging, and freelancing are all solid paths for making money. But don’t stop here. If none of these options are what you’re looking for, chances are there are other opportunities out there that could allow you to use your passion and expertise.

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