Kangaroo Care and Dad: Why do you need it?

Kangaroo Care and Dad: Why do you need it?

"But kangaroo care, that's for the women to do?"

I do hear this a lot. And no...it simply isn't. First off, our wonderful ladies need a break, so we need to offer this child emotional support as well as provide for the baby and the mother. When men use the key of kangaroo care to access the emotional side of fatherhood, the physical benefits of Kangaroo Care and skin to skin bonding only naturally follow.

"There are physical benefits to skin to skin bonding?"

Sure are. First and foremost, putting that little baby on your chest will calm BOTH of you. If you can imagine, you've just been ripped out of 98 degree water that you've been in since, well, your beginning. And now, you're out into this bright room with all these big blobs around you, poking and prodding you. Darn tootin you'd be upset and crying! But this is where the calming effects of kangaroo care can really come into play.  

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