Kangaroo Care and the Stories of Bringing Families Closer

Kangaroo Care and the Stories of Bringing Families Closer

I can't tell you how many times I've seen families get closer because of Kangaroo Care. I even get private messages from scared mothers telling me they are scared the father is scared of being a father. I've found that Kangaroo Care and skin to skin contact gives the father a lot of encouragement and makes them feel like "they can do it." 

Fatherhood is hard, and being a dad is really a complicated thing. Being supportive during the birth can be hard, but if you're confident, and you take the time to do Kangaroo Care in the hospital and at home, you're going to give Mom breaks, and that's important insofar as how the father can give the mom "breaks" from nurturing their child. 

The obvious benefits to Kangaroo Care Shirts are:

  1. Improved sleep for dad and baby.
  2. improved heart rates and other base level readings in children who receive Kangaroo Care.
  3. More confidence in the Dad's ability to be a good father. Kangaroo Care provides the closeness and the "hey dad, I'm here, time to step up!"
  4. Empathy: I've seen fathers get more empathetic towards the mom after getting so close to see what this Kangaroo Care is all about.
At the end of the day, being a dad is really hard. Kangaroo care keeps the new Dad engaged and working at being a better man, father and partner to the entire family.

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