Thoughtful Gift Ideas for New Parents

The DadWare Bondaroo, a gift for new parents

Thoughtful Gift Ideas for New Parents 

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The arrival of a new baby brings plenty of baby gifts. There was a baby shower thrown for the mom at work, a baby shower thrown by the mom’s friends, and all the baby gifts from family members. At this time, the parents could really use gifts too. Sneak in a gift for Mom or Dad at the baby shower, or send her something “just because.” It will mean a lot to them and they won’t forget it. Consider these suggestions.

Creature Comforts

Whether it’s food or beverages, treat the new parents to these edible gifts:

  • It’s a fact that the parents probably aren’t getting enough sleep. You can’t go wrong with this list of the eight best automatic drip coffee makers.

  • They are not going to be able to go out to eat for a while, and though they certainly love being home with the baby, you can bring the restaurant to them with food delivery service gift cards.

  • The next best thing to getting them takeout is a meal kit delivery service. They can pick out the meals they want and expand their palate without having to make a trip to the grocery store. Meals are easy to make and come in vegetarian or vegan options.  

Around-the-House Helpers

New parents are super busy as they prioritize caring for their new addition to the family. Consider these unique daily helpers:

  • Help Dad bond with his new baby by purchasing him the Bondaroo care shirt!

  • Help them turn their home or apartment into a smart home, with this list of easy to install smart devices that add functionality to every corner of their living space.

  • Time has never been so valuable, what with a new baby and all the commitments that entails. Recoup the time taken tending to the yard and bring on nearby lawn care services to keep your yard in tip-top shape.

  • They are probably Netflixed out from being home all the time. A yearly Amazon Prime subscription can be bought upfront in one easy payment. Broaden their streaming library and get them free shipping from Amazon for a year to boot.

  • If they haven’t caught on to the Instant Pot craze, you can enlighten them. In addition to making easy one-pot meals, they can use it to sterilize bottles or to make their own baby food. 

For When the Baby is Sleeping

Finally, the baby is down. Now it’s time for a little self-care. The following are just a few ideas to help rejuvenate Mom and Dad:

  • Here’s something to pair with the meal delivery service: a wine subscription for when it’s time to wind down.

  • Sleeplessness is no joke. The problem is the baby has shorter sleeping cycles and adults don’t always adjust to that. These sleep gadgets can help.

  • Everyone has bought the baby clothes, but Mom will also need new clothes. She’ll feel comfortable and beautiful in a maternity and nursing T-shirt.

  • Sometimes what the parents really need is some help around the house. Here’s a list of thoughtful services you can provide.

  • Give them the nudge to try aromatherapy to help everyone get better sleep.

It’s an exciting time for these new parents. But they are probably tired, they would like to eat at a restaurant, and they would really appreciate a nice gift. Let them know you’ve been thinking of them and you’re rooting for them. And you’d really like to hold the baby.

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