We Got a New Review!

We Got a New Review!

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I recently did an article about the importance of Kangaroo care that first week at home and how it isn’t just for moms.  Dadware is a US based company that is making this easier for dads.  I’ll show you how in this Dadware clothing review.

Dadware Clothing Review

Studies have been done that prove there is a benefit from skin-to-skin bonding, or “Kangaroo Care,” especially in premature and under weight babies. Now, most people think it just mom that needs to have this skin to skin connection, but that isn’t true.  More and more we are seeing dads get involved in Kangaroo Care.  This is especially common if the mother needs to have a Cesarean (c-section) and may not be accessible for skin-to-skin contact right away. Enter dad!

I received the Bamboo Bondaroo Kangaroo Care Shirts For Dads.  Thanks to Nick at Dadware for sending the shirt my way.  While I did receive the product to review, all opinions are my own.

So the idea with this Bondaroo shirt is for dad to easily be able to enjoy Kangaroo care with baby.  The shirt can be opened by pulling the front away from the left shoulder, which is held in place by strong velcro.  Then dad can simply slip baby right inside the shirt for some skin-on-skin contact.  Now dad can have special time without having to reveal his entire dadbod that he’s been working on the past few months.

I love the actual material that this shirt is made out of.  It is a bamboo, cotton, and spandex mix, which gives it a nice stretch but also makes it pretty form fitting.  This is a really comfortable shirt.

Yeah, so…. my son is too big for this and our new baby isn’t due until November….so I am using Batman for this demonstration.

Getting the velcro to match up when trying to close up the shirt, can be somewhat cumbersome the first couple times you try it.  But, after a few tries, you get the hang of it.  If you are just in the hospital room or laying on your couch, you won’t really care if it looks perfect.  I was trying to get it perfect for photos, so I was being a tad more anal about it.

The shirt comes in a couple basic colors to chooses from – black, blue and green.  I received the Stone Green (see above) and really like the color.

With us expecting our second child in November, I will definitely be taking this Bondaroo shirt to the hospital with me.  When we had our first son, I remember having to pop my shirt off when I did Kangaroo care, which can be awkward when nurses and visitors are coming in through a revolving door. Speaking of our second child, if you haven’t seen our Superhero Baby Announcement video, please check it out!

If you gentlemen are expecting soon, I really suggest you get involved with Kangaroo care in the hospital.  It is a very cool feeling and it really does make you feel closer to your new baby.  And if you have a shirt like this, it does make it that much easier.

Why I liked the Bamboo Bondaroo Shirt

  • I love the material and just how the shirt fits.
  • It is very accessible for Kangaroo care.  Whether you are just lying on the couch or if you want to walk around with the baby, this shirt makes it very easy.
  • Comes in simple but nice colors.
  • It is a great idea to get dads more involved.

Now, am I going to wear this shirt out around town?  Probably not.  But, that isn’t what it is designed for. This is a great product for those first couple days in the hospital and those first couple weeks, or even months, at home.

If you want to get more involved and build that bond, then check out the Bondaroo shirt.  For this and other cool products, please check them out at Dadware.Us.  Nick is a great guy and will answer any questions you may have.

Some great articles and studies on the proven benefits of skin to skin contact:

If you need a cool dad satchel to go with this shirt, check out my review on the Dadgear Diaper Bag.

I hope you found this Dadware Clothing Review helpful.  This shirt is very much Dadly Approved!


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