Lil Mamas did a feature about our cofounder, Dawn!

Lil Mamas did a feature about our cofounder, Dawn!

Bonding Is Not Just For Mom Anymore!

DadWare’s Co-founder and Mamapreneur for the week, is Dawn Clegg. She and her partner, Nick, developed the first comfortable skin to skin infant bonding shirt for DADS.


The Bondaroo, named after their daughter, “The Bugaroo,” features a soft velcro flap that opens and closes in the front, to expose the chest for skin to skin bonding with their newborns. The Bondaroo is NOT a carrier. It is specifically designed to actively bond with your newborn or infant.

Before her daughter was born, Dawn researched everything she could, to be the very best mom for her baby. She knew she wanted to have natural childbirth, unless of a medical emergency; she wanted to have speakers in the room so her daughter would come into this world hearing music, and she read about the many benefits of bonding with newborns immediately after giving birth. She found out that it was also important for the dad to have skin to skin contact with the baby as well.

There were a million different shirts for moms promoting skin to skin contact with breastfeeding. She even found a few unisex carriers, including slings, that gave easy access to the chest, but when she and her partner ordered them, they realized how uncomfortable they were to wear.

With our ever progressing society and acceptance of dads as primary caregivers, WHY aren’t there more items for dads promoting skin to skin contact?

“During labor”, Dawn states, “the pain was so extreme and traumatic that I was physically UNABLE to instantly bond with my daughter. I didn’t understand why I refused when the nurses tried to place her on my chest. I guess I didn’t want my daughter to experience my confusion, and have those feelings be the first ones she knew of me!”

She continues saying, “Nick saw the anguish in my eyes, and instantly ripped his shirt off, right there in the delivery room. As the nurses gasped in admiration, he placed our daughter on his chest and cried tears of joy. As I watched him bond with her, I commended him as they had their first moment together.”

Dawn remembers that he kept bonding with his shirt off, but got cold as it was the middle of summer and the air conditioner was blasting. He was tired of putting a shirt on and off just to get the mail, or answer the door.

They started cutting holes in old shirts, but at the end of the day, all they had were t-shirts with holes in them.

Thus, the inspiration for DadWare was born.

What about a flap, that opens and closes in the front? What about natural fibers with the baby in mind that made it comfortable to wear?
So they made a prototype of a high quality comfortable shirt, made of 66% bamboo & 29% cotton blend with 5% spandex to hold its shape.

Dawn chuckles, “When our friends heard what we were doing, they HAD to have a DadWare Infant Bonding shirt!” Each father agreed, that when it was time to make a quick trip to the grocery store, it was more convenient to just close the flap and GO! Now dads can bond with their shirts ON!

Although The Bondaroo is geared towards dads, Moms can wear it too.

What a unique and interesting baby shower gift, for a close friend or family member under $60.00 with shipping.

Go to www.DadWare.US and get your very own Bondaroo today!


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