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MomWare Maternity Belt- Breathable Abdominal Binder For Mom

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  • 👶 DOCTOR RECOMMENDED HIGH QUALITY PRODUCT: Support your baby bump and provide yourself with freedom from the discomforts of pregnancy! MomWare prides itself in providing mothers with the safest and highest quality products for you and your baby.
  • 👼 RELIEVES PAIN, REDUCES STRETCH MARKS, & SUPPORTS WEIGHT: Why strain your stomach when the MomWare belly belt can greatly help reduce spinal pressure and stretch marks? Correct your posture, support strained abdominal muscles, and increase blood flow by choosing the MomWare belly band.
  • 👶 ULTIMATE COMFORT FOR YOU & YOUR BABY: MomWare super fine cotton cloth belly bands are designed so that you can find relief from lower back, hip, pelvic, and other stretching pains that come from pregnancy. When clothes stop fitting and you begin feeling every pull and twinge from the weight of your heavy belly, help your body out with the MomWare maternity belt!
  • 👼 STYLISH & ADJUSTABLE DESIGN | ONE SIZE FITS MOST: The MomWare maternity belt is fully adjustable to accommodate abdominal growth throughout pregnancy. Each band can fit up to 46 inches so you can help your body face the demanding changes it is required to handle. Comes in a nude/beige color so that you can easily blend and look/feel stylish wherever you go.
  • 👶 BREATHABLE & ACTIVE: With breathable fabric, you will always have the much needed ventilation that allows your body to stay at a comfortable temperature and never feel hot & sticky! Perfect for everyday use and for active moms who want enhanced support during their workout, daily activities, work, and more!